We Come To You

When you take care of your people, they will want to excel for you. Take care of them by providing Chiropractic care at your location. This service is what you want for your employees, group members, team members. keep them happy and healthy, focused and energized with a regular chiropractic adjustment. Save them the stress of having to fit one more thing into their schedule. Bring the Dr. to them.

Convenient On-Site Service!

When you schedule a time for Sapphire Chiropractic to come to your location, your group members will receive an evaluation before their first adjustment. It will be quick and efficient. If their case is more complicated they can schedule follow up care at the office on their own. the convenience of having chiropractic services at your location is worth the investment in your group members. See the pricing page for details.

So Many Possibilities with a Mobile Chiropractor

  • Hotels & Vacation Rentals
  • Workplace Visits
  • Onsite Corporate Visits
  • Health Events or Conferences
  • Job Sites
  • Yoga Studios
  • Fitness Studios
  • Gym or Health Club
  • Wellness Center or Retreat

Special Group Rates for Appointments in Advance!

If you are interested in providing chiropractic care at your office, for your team, or your event, be confident you have come to the right place! The group rate is affordable and will make it convenient for your people. Call today for more details and to schedule.