Urgent Chiropractic

 When you injure yourself and need chiropractic care but you cannot get yourself to the office because the pain is too high or it is after hours. That is when you call Sapphire Chiropractic urgent line 406.273.4686. Dr. Marston will come to you. Because we can’t always schedule our pain.

The Sooner the Better!

The best time to correct a problem is when it starts and before it can become something bigger. When you have back pain that keeps you from getting out of bed or impedes your daily activities, waiting is never the best choice. It’s better to correct it now than later. Joint malfunction, or subluxation, is always inconvenient especially when it happens outside your chiropractors regular office hours. This is why at Sapphire Chiropractic there is an option to still get treatment. Weather you overdid it working in the yard or got carried away playing with the kids, you can get help after hours.

Urgent Cases

A patient was pregnant and the baby kicked her back. She fell to the floor and was not able to move. She could not get to the phone. By the time the neighbor found her all chiropractic offices were closed. Luckily there was urgent chiropractic available to get her back on her feet and pain free.

Another patient stretch above her head. At the peak of her stretch she felt a click in the middle of her back that felt funny. Minutes later she felt a pain that began to spread to her left shoulder, down her arm and up her neck. A stabbing head ache developed and she couldn’t turn her head; it was difficult for her to concentrate. It was Saturday morning at 8:30 am and she needed to function.
A patient called because she had bent over to pick up a toy and she felt a pop and a sharp pain. She was unable to do more than fall to the floor and couldn’t get up again because it hurt too much. We were able to come to her house, adjust her and help get her on the road to recovery. She was feeling better in no time.

Don’t Risk Further Injury

With the right treatments, reduction of inflammation and allowing the body to heal itself, these injuries can be solved without surgery. All patients will have a custom solution in accordance to their medical history and we take great pride in finding the core issue and finding long term solutions. After reviewing your medical history, we will design a treatment plan that best fits your lifestyle and your needs. Usually a treatment plan for carpal tunnel or tennis elbow uses a combination of adjustments, stretching and exercising assignments and a retraining of the muscles around the nerve to get you out of permanent misalignment. We have experience treating these other serious diagnoses of pinched nerves as well if you would like to see our process of identifying and treating those injuries.