Sports Physical Exams

Your child is excited to participate in a sporting activity. He wants to be the best. She wants to prove herself. You want them to learn team work, self-discipline and interact with other youth and adults. You also want them to be safe and healthy. Making sure your child starts out this way helps prevent possible future injuries.

Let’s Check Things Out!

You probably have noticed that sports can be rough on the body. The physical demand can be high. Even lower impact sports like golf, swimming, and hiking increase blood pressure and breathing rate. The sports physical exam is also known as the pre-participation physical exam (PPE). The PPE is required by schools to make sure your child is physically able to play the sport.

What to Expect

During the medical portion of the exam your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse will be checked. We will listen to your heart and lungs, and check your vision. We will assess your hearing and also make sure there is no hernia.
During the Musculoskeletal portion of the exam we will check that your spine is moving properly and lined up correctly. We will make sure your arms and legs are moving like they should.
IF there are no abnormal findings or red flags during the exam then you will most likely be cleared to participate.

Come In and Let’s Get You Ready to Compete!

Participating in sports can be fun and rewarding. Injuries during practice or games is still possible. Our goal is to help you start out without injury and have a snapshot of your health. Call today for your appointment.