DOT or Work Physical Exams

Driving a truck or bus is a challenging occupation and is much different than driving a passenger car. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations that must be followed to legally drive a commercial motor vehicle. This is where the DOT medical exam comes in. This medical exam certification is a requirement. Sapphire Chiropractic is the place to get it.

We Are Certified To Give Exams for FMCSA

This Includes:

  • Semi-Truck Drivers
  • School Bus Drivers
  • Construction Drivers
  • Cement Truck Drivers
  • Passenger Vans Drivers
  • Cargo Vans Drivers
  • Dump Truck Drivers

Who Needs A Physical Exam?

Operators of commercial motor vehicles need to be medically certified every 12-24 months. Commercial Motor Vehicles include: weight rating of 10,001 lbs or more; compensated driving for 9-15 passengers; passenger transport of 16 or more passengers compensated or not; transporters of hazardous materials.

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Operators of commercial motor vehicles are very essential to our economy here in the states. It is also important to keep you healthy and within the standards of driving so that your safety on the roadways is maintained. You can expect the exam to take 45 minute, a urine sample, and cost $85. Call today to schedule your appointment.